Fun In The Sun: Entertainment For Your Kids & Their Sitter

*Original sponsored roundup for Del Sol Color Change.

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Having planned activities for your children to do with their babysitter can help make it a
positive and fun experience for everyone. But it’s hard to come up with new and
exciting activities for your kids, especially when they are always glued to the television
or their favorite video game. Take advantage of these warm sunny days while you still
can! Here are some great outdoor activities you can leave with your kids and babysitter,
and they’re sure to have a great time together!
1. Del Sol Color Change Graphic Tees: These shirts change color when exposed to sunlight
and then return to their original colors without! They’re made to last from sunrise to sunset, and they are super comfortable, durable and affordable. Your kids will light up when they see their tee change colors. It’s great magical fun for them!
2. Play with Sidewalk Chalk: With chalk you can easily transform your driveway into a
playground for an afternoon of fun! There are so many different games they can play like hop scotch, hangman, four square, tic tac toe, or tracing one another! Let them explore their creativity and get their imaginative ideas out with some easy-to-clean sidewalk chalk.
3. Make Fun and Easy Bird-feeders: Let your kids help their little feathered friends! They’ll get in touch with nature and will enjoy watching the different birds come into your own backyard for a snack!
4. Play Frisbee: Playing frisbee is still a favorite pastime for everyone! It’s a great physical
activity, and it encourages kids to play cooperatively. They can even make their own frisbee golf course using boxes, sticks, or rocks. Get a Del Sol Ultimate Flyer frisbee for even more fun in the sun. They change color when exposed to sunlight (added bonus for the kiddos!) and are super safe and durable with their turbo-traction finger wrap, competition quality and smoothed bottom edges for safety.
5. Create a Scavenger Hunt: Whether you’re at the park, on a walk, or just in your backyard, kids always jump at the chance to partake in a scavenger or treasure hunt! It’s such a fun and simple way for your kids to have a blast outside for hours. Let them dress up like a pirate and hand them a map of clues and they’ll be ready to go!
Del Sol first splashed onto the retail scene in 1994 and has been
sticking its color-changing products where the sun shines ever since.
Having fun in the sun has always been at the core of Del Sol’s culture.
We stand for all that is good. For sunshine. For fun in the sun. For
memory-filled vacations. For laughter. For joy. We do it for young and
old alike. For the smiles that it brings. We know who we are, and we’re
proud to bring a little sunshine to so many people every day. Today, Del
Sol is the world’s leading brand of color-changing apparel and
accessories and the number-one promoted merchant onboard Royal
Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, Disney, Celebrity, and Norwegian Cruise
This is sponsored content, however, all opinions expressed here are my own.


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